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    24 hour car lockout, car key replacement, transponder keys, laser cut keys, and even motorcycle keys.

Locksmiths in Seattle, the premier location for locksmith services in the Seattle, WA. area. We provide highly trained technicians to solve all of your automotive, commercial, and residential security issues. When that lockout emergency strikes our locksmiths will be there to let you back into your house, office or automobile with unparalleled efficiency. We even provide lock repair for your home or business which saves you time and money over replacing stuck or damaged locks and key extractions if your key breaks off in your car door or ignition.

Lockout Services

Everybody gets locked out sometimes, whether it happens at your home, office or even your own car we can dispatch a locksmith to your location to get you out of lockout emergency.

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If you live in Seattle, WA. Locksmith in Seattle can handle all of your auto, residential and even commercial lockout emergencies. Just give us a call and we will have you back in your house, car or business in no time flat.

Lock Re-key

A lock is only as secure as its keys, if you’ve lost track of just who has your house key or have recently moved into a new home or office having a lock re-key is important to reclaiming your security.

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Locksmith in Seattle offers a full range of high security re-keys for all your residential and commercial needs in Seattle WA. A re-key isn’t just a matter of security but also of convenience, no more huge key ring with a different key for every office and cabinet at your business, just have them rekeyed to a master key letting you open any lock while still letting your employees open only the locks they need to.

Lock Repair

Broken or jammed locks aren’t just a nuisance; they can seriously jeopardize the security of your home or business. Replacing locks though can be expensive and may not even be necessary, let our friendly and efficient locksmith see if your lock can be repaired which saves you time and money.

More about lock repair

Our trained technicians can repair a range of residential and commercial locks including electronic high security systems. Whether your locks are just jammed or even need a full broken key extract, Locksmith in Seattle can change or fix your locks on site at your house or business quickly and affordably.

Lock Replacement

Sometimes a lock is simply beyond repair or maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new high security system to insure the safety of your house or business.

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If so Locksmith in Seattle can send a highly qualified locksmith to take care of all your residential and commercial lock replacement and upgrade needs in Seattle WA. Or technicians will come directly to your home or office with everything required to change or upgrade your locks quickly and affordably increasing your security.

Key Replacement

Of course no lockout service helps if you’ve dropped your keys in the ocean or know that they’re otherwise long gone, luckily Locksmith in Seattle can make a full replacement set of keys for you so you can get back to your home or office quickly. 

More about key replacement

Our technicians can replace any automotive, residential or commercial key that you’ve lost or broken, even high security transponder keys which are common with new cars and office security systems. Don’t put plans or profits on hold, if you need a key replaced in an emergency give us a call and we’ll have a locksmith come directly to your car, house or business in Seattle WA. and replace your broken or lost keys promptly and affordably.

Our office is located at: 176 N Hubert Ave Seattle, WA 98201

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