About Locksmiths in Seattle

Locksmith Plus, Inc.Locksmiths in Seattle has been serving the people in Seattle and the surrounding with 24 hours locksmith services since 1998. From the very beginning we have set a very high standard for what we considered a great locksmith services. Here are some of the guidelines that the founders of Locksmiths in Seattle have set:

Late at night or early in the day, simple or complicated locksmith task we are committed to have the right technician for the job 24 hour a day seven days a week 365 days a year.

Whether you need a locksmith late at night or early in the morning, weekday or weekend, holiday or non holiday our prices will remain the same and will be calculated based on the task and not based on the the time of day or year.

We will do anything within our power to reach out to our customers in a timely manner (usually within 25 minutes) and will make the experience as painless as it could be.

Thank you dear reader for taking your time to read about our company and our company vision. We hope that you will never need us for any emergency needs and at the same time we look forward in serving you soon.

Our office is located at: 176 N Hubert Ave Seattle, WA 98201

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