Business Locksmith

Locksmith in Seattle offers a full range of commercial locksmith services ranging from 24/7 business locksmith services for lockouts and emergencies to full store and office security upgrades. We will dispatch a skilled locksmith directly to your place of business in Seattle, WA, to have you back making money quickly and more securely. Call us to begin the foundation a new B2B relationship today.

Business Lockout

Finding yourself or your employees locked out of your business is not only annoying but loses you time and money. Give us a call during your next emergency lockout and get back to business quickly and affordably. It’s not just being locked out of your office that can cost you, being locked out of your file cabinet or mailbox can be just as much of a head ache, luckily we can dispatch a locksmith directly to you in the Seattle, WA, area to have your documents back in hand in a snap. Whether it’s emergency lock outs, stubborn filing cabinets, problematic mailboxes or even a tool box lock out Locksmith in Seattle has you covered.

Business Rekey

Whether you’ve just moved into new office space or have an established location having a lock re-key done is great first step to improving your business security. Locksmith in Seattle offers a full range of commercial rekey services whether your locks are standard pin tumbler locks, mortise locks, or high security locks of any brand including Schlage and Kwikset, or Medeco and Sargent our technicians can rekey them in no time. We can also install a master key system allowing you better control over who has access to your business and simplifying key management for you, or if your business is particularly large or complex ask us about a grand master key system that allows for extra layers of access control. For extra security consider our bump key proof rekey to protect your business from this increasingly common burglar’s tool that can bypass standard locks in mere moments. A re-key is even more important if you’ve recently had a security breach or a key go missing, I.C. core locks make this easier to deal with and our skilled locksmith can change out a core or perform a rekey quickly and affordably so you can take back control of your security. Call us today to for all of your commercial rekey needs in Seattle, WA.

Business Lock & Key Replacement

Whether you’ve lost your keys somewhere between home and the office or watched it break off in the lock right in front of you it’s hard to get down to business without keys. Our highly trained locksmith can make you a new set of keys for Schlage, Kwikset and can even make a high security key right on the spot so you can get back to work quickly. We can also replace keys and locks for a desk, file cabinet, mailbox or tool box to ensure you always have access to the tools and information you need to stay productive. Don’t worry about broken keys either as our technicians can perform a complete key extract for you as well as replacing the key and even the lock if necessary. Call us today to have any keys or locks you need replaced in Seattle, WA.

Business Security Upgrade

Bring your business into the 21st century with a full business security upgrade from Locksmith in Seattle and our full range of high security locks and safety devices. Upgrade today for the latest biometric lock security as well as other electronic locks that make securing your business a breeze. Whether you need your old doorknob, cylinder or lever locks replaced with a deadbolt or a whole new high tech lock system with coded locks and magnetic hardware our technicians can have your office or store secured with unparalleled efficiency and professionalism. Keeping your business safe from intruders is only part of our security upgrade services however; keeping you and your employees safe is our priority so we can also upgrade your doors with a push bar lock and panic exit device that make emergency evacuations safer while preserving your security.

Business Lock Repair

A sticky lock is an annoyance that often goes overlooked but is often the first sign that a lock is vulnerable or about to break. Don’t let that annoyance compromise your security call Locksmith in Seattle today for all your commercial lock repair needs in the Seattle, WA, area. Our highly skilled locksmith can repair a wide range of damaged and broken locks saving you money compared to having them replaced.  Don’t let a jammed lock or other lock problem, like a broken lock cylinder, slow you down at the office; have it repaired today by our efficient and reliable technicians.

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