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Locksmith in Seattle  has recently expanding, incorporating Edmonds, WA into our service area.  Located approximately 10 miles north of Seattle, Edmonds is known for its astonishing scenery and its appreciation of the finer arts.  Overlooking the Puget Sound, the small town of Edmonds is historically relevant and one of the oldest cities in the state of Washington.  Locksmith Edmonds WA of Locksmith in Seattle is now proud to be serving the people of Edmonds, and we look forward to making you yet another satisfied customer!

Locksmith Edmonds WA – Our Philosophy

Here at Locksmith in EdmLocksmith Edmonds WA | Locksmith in Edmonds WA | Edmonds Locksmithonds, every job done bears our mark, and every job done will become our legacy.  We have two priorities here at Locksmith in Edmonds.  The first is the planet we live on.  The Pacific Northwest, in general, aims to protect this planet from its number one influence, mankind.  By reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging the people we counter to do the same, we are making the planet better for all.

Our second priority is you, the customer.  We value each of our customers, and we provide the appropriate locksmith and service to each unique situation that we are presented with.  Although we aim to complete every job with perfection, mistakes are to be made.  Locksmith Edmonds WA owns up to our mistakes, in order to provide you, the customer, with 100% satisfactory service and to maintain our image as Seattle’s most trusted locksmith service provider.  All of our services come with a 90 day written guarantee, so you do not have to worry at all.

Should any problems arise, we can send the same or different technician back to your location for a follow-up assessment.  Any changes or service that must be completed with be covered in the 90 day written guarantee.  We will try our hardest to give you nothing but the best the first time around.  However, you can count on Locksmith in Edmonds to fix any mistake, hassle-free!

24/7 Mobile Lockout Service

Are you locked out of your home, business, or vehicle?  Why wait hours for AAA or for your spouse to get off of work?  Now is the right time to call your local locksmith service provider. The professional technicians working for Locksmith Edmonds WA have every tool in the industry at their disposal.  We will have you back in the security of your home or in the seat of your car in no time at all.  You can count on us today!

Key Replacement/Duplication

Locksmith Edmonds WA | Locksmith in Edmonds WA | Edmonds Locksmith

Locksmith Edmonds WA

Losing an apartment key or breaking your expensive high security car key can seem much more stressful than it actually is.  Locksmith in Edmonds can replace any office, home, or car key you lose or break (even those expensive high security keys and transponder keys).  Never go to the car dealership again.  They only charge a small fortune and a half! Locksmith Edmonds WA can replace or duplicate any key that you need, and we can do it on the double!  However, if you are worried about a stolen or lost key, replacing a key might not be the best option.  Keep reading more to hear about our other services.

Lock Replacement/Re Key

In the event of tenant moving out or an employee being fire, we recommend re keying every lock associated with any key that they might still have.  Re keying the locks is recommended to save you the most money without while increasing your security.  We take out the innards of your locks, replace them with our state of the art parts, thus making every old key no longer effective.

In the event of a broken lock (one that is beyond repair), we recommend replacement.  Depending on the specific incident, a security upgrade might be in order.  We have state of the art, brand name locks (both high security commercial and residential locks), and our technicians know exactly when to replace them and how to do it. Trust Locksmith Edmonds WA to be your choice in locksmith services.

Our office is located at: 176 N Hubert Ave Seattle, WA 98201

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