Specialty Locksmith

Specialty locksmith in Seattle we are dedicated to providing its customers with quality locksmith services no matter the lock in question. Whether you’re dealing with a residential lockout, a business security upgrade, or an automotive key extract our trained technicians have you covered. Our skilled locksmiths also handle more specialized jobs like safe lockouts and even bicycle lockouts so that no matter what your lock problem one call to us will have it fixed quickly and dependably. We have technicians on call 24/7 for all your locksmith needs in Seattle, WA.

Safe Lockout

While safes are great for protecting your valuables finding yourself locked out of one can daunting. Whether you need important documents from a residential model safe or have serious cash reserves in your business’ safe a lockout turns safe storage into an expensive paper weight. Regain access to your valuables today with Locksmith in Seattle and our trained technicians that can open the vast majority of safes on the market even if they are damaged or completely broken. No matter the lock problem we’ll have a trained locksmith sent directly to you anywhere within Seattle, WA.

Storage Lockout

The keys for storage lockers tend to be small and infrequently used which is the perfect recipe for lost keys. If you find yourself locked out of your storage unit in Seattle, WA, we can help you get access to your stuff again in no time. Locksmith in Seattle will send a skilled locksmith directly to you and your storage unit to bypass that stubborn padlock even if it means a total lock removal. Call us now for all of your storage lockout issues.

Bicycle Lockout

Losing the key to your bike lock can mean a long walk home and a lot of annoyance if you try to do the lock removal yourself, especially trying to remove heavy duty U-locks. Let Locksmith in Seattle help you remove that lock today with our trained technicians and professional tools we can have you riding again quickly and affordably without the long walk. If you’ve lost keys to your bicycle lock in Seattle, WA just give us a call and let us remove that lock for you.

File Cabinet Lockout & Key Replacement

It doesn’t matter if it’s a large commercial file cabinet or a smaller home model being locked out of your important documents due to lost keys or a damaged lock is a serious problem. Locksmith in Seattle has you covered though as our trained technicians will come directly to your home or office to unlock your file cabinets and even make you a set of new keys. Our skilled locksmith can bypass even damaged or completely broken locks and frequently can perform a lock repair for any common lock problem. Whether it’s a jammed lock on the file cabinet at home or a sticky lock on one at your business we can have your locks fixed and replace keys that have been lost or broken for all our customers in Seattle, WA.

Mailbox Lockout & Key Replacement

Whether it’s a commercial mailbox or one at your home being locked out of your mailbox means bills piling up and letters left unanswered. Get your mail back quickly and reliably with our skilled locksmith by your side who can have your lockout solved in no time and even do a full lock repair of your mailbox lock as well as make you a new key. Locksmith in Seattle will send a technician directly to your home or office in Seattle, WA, to take care of any mailbox lock problem you have no matter if it’s lost keys, or a damaged, or even a broken lock we will have you back in business quickly and affordably.

Getting locked out of your toolbox is always frustrating but it can also mean lost time and money when you need those tools in a pinch. Whether it’s a lost key to your truck’s toolbox or a damaged lock on a carry model our trained technicians can make you a new key on the spot and even replace the broken lock. Our skilled locksmith will make short work of your toolbox lockout anywhere in Seattle, WA.

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